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Blackheath 04/10/2009

Posted by Felix Mottram, 04 October 2009 · 60 views

After the great hospitality laid on in Potsdam last weekend it seemed very quiet on Blackheath at 10:00am today.

There was, however, a light breeze (c6mph) and no hard woody stems at ground level!

In the interest of an ongoing discussion I set up the Pro B full sail with Race Rods on 13 inch handles and the Pro B mid vented, also on Race Rods but with the 15 inch handles. The object of the exercise was a simple comparison.

I have to admit that it was very difficult to state a clear advantage either way.

Later, when Jade and Maggie arrived, I switched to a Pro B vented/Pro B mid vented comparison with the long handles now on the full vented kite. Again, it was difficult to call...

I know that this is far from scientific but I did not feel much difference in the ability of the different sails to hold altitude in the lateral passes. (LE facing left or right) I suspect though, that the simple expedient of pulling back on the top lines will have dealt with the difference.

OSOW is next weekend. I will be at Blackheath and hope that the iQuad kites will have arrived by then just in case there are fliers on hand.


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