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6th September 2009 Blackheath, Rev2

Posted by Felix Mottram, 06 September 2009 · 70 views

It is a long time since I have flown a Rev2. I set up the Race framed one kindly loaned to me by Baloo on my c50ft 90lb lines. I also set up the Red-Orange-Yellow Sedgwick prototype which I have been re-building with contemporary fittings. Jade lent me his 50ft lines!

Both kites felt 'very' light but responded fantastically well to 'long arm' input. The prototype has a deeper V but I would be hard pushed to describe differences in handling. Slo-mo was very interesting, I think that I would like some more flex in the rods but directional stability was not an issue. I will have to try the speed series and Rev2 comparison again now.

Ashley, Jade and Maggie were flying on standard JB 1.5s. Switching from the Rev2 to my early Pro JB 1.5 (Race Rods) was quite amusing.

I will have the Red-Orange-Yellow Sedgwick at Bristol if anyone would like to try it!

I will add a picture of the two kites later. [EDIT thanks Jade]


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Thanks for posting that Felix. Yours looks like a mini Sedg indeed. I would think with it being a prototype the folks at Rev built it along the lines of the Neos / Rev 1, then eventually settled for the shpe we now know as the Rev 2, obviously leading onto the 1.5.

If ever you want to give the mini away it could cuddle up to the 3 Hot Sedgwicks I have :-)

I am pleased you had a chance to fly the Race Rods. Quick little beggers those Rev 2's, I feel I am in slow motion when I go back to a 1.

Nice picture btw, you could almost mistake it for a Sedge and a 1.5 besides each other.

Would have been a good picture to put up in that thread where foks were asking "what is this" or whatever it was called.
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