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16th August, 2009 Blackheath

Posted by Felix Mottram, 16 August 2009 · 105 views

After our visit to 'Humber Woodland of Remembrance' on Friday I realised that although 120ft lines were OK on that occasion it might very well be useful to have shorter sets available for tighter spaces in the future. It is a long time since I flew on short lines. The Decs were flying on 125ft lines prior to the 2008 events.

I ran out a c50ft set today using some fat sleeving that I had obviously prepared years ago and never got around to using. (The fat sleeving will be replaced as soon as is possible.)

We had been flying full vented JB 1.5s (UL/Standard) and I set up the mid vented on the short lines with the 'strong' spar set. All seemed fine to me apart from the sudden limitation of the wind window relative to the size of the kite. I handed the kite Ashley who had been demonstrating vertical snap tip 180s* to great effect. It was immediately apparent to him that the 'natural turning interval' of this kite configuration was actually quite different to the full vented on 120s. He described the difference as similar to switching between the 1 and the 1.5. It had occurred to me that the transition related to the difference between the 1.5 and the Speed series.

I wonder if it would be possible to evaluate the 'turning interval' of the various configurations in a meaningful way? However, I think that it may be more interesting to adapt a slow flying mode for the kites that have a fast 'turning interval' as that will facilitate a greater range of performance. <grins>


*Wing tip 180s ending stationary, no wobble!

Felix, My son's and I usually fly on 90# x 75' lines when its just us 3 team work seems to be fine and the added control needed on shorter lines really helps a lot when we get on 120's.

50' is great for single flying It's my usual go to line set when I'm by myself 30' is fun at times but the 50's are a great learning tool once you master precision on those 120's are like slow motion ;)

Another thing I have done that totally amazes me is replaced my standard B with a midvent with Silver Bullet LE and 2 wrap downspars Flew that side by side with a standard B and a SUL with race rods today in 1-4 mph and the midvent somehow was way better not only for me but the 7 others I made try it out (like I had to force)
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