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First Time

Posted by Felix Mottram, 24 May 2009 · 93 views

I installed a Race Rod frame in the Rev 1 today for the first time with one of the new sails. I set up one of the other new sails for comparison on a standard centre and UL remainder. The Race frame felt good but I could not make a definitive statement comparing the two at this stage. <grins>

I installed the Race leading edge in the Blast today for the first time. Having heard anecdotes about the frame I treated it very gently at first but soon found that the kite could be thrown around and that the frame absorbed airborne shocks smoothly.

I set up the standard 1.5 JB Pro with Race frame on 35cm handles today. I just wish that they were clip-less handles as I was very much aware of catching the top lines on either side occasionally. These handles felt very heavy but did allow very immediate stops and a slower glide out in the very light breeze on a summery Blackheath today.

I was reminded of the difference between the sizes of the basic Indian fighter kites. The small ones are very quick. The larger ones are smoother. I think that it might be time to get a Rev 2 with Race frame and see how slowly it can fly...

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