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Leading Edge defined circles

Posted by Felix Mottram, 10 May 2009 · 98 views

Side sliding a circle with 3 kites was today's spontaneous target.

Initially I wanted to describe the rolling ball but that was a little too ambitious for Jade and ATM (Ashley).

Surprisingly, the expected handle transitions are not actually required which is counter intuitive. Lock the handle positions and it seems that the kite will circle. (OK there may be some subtle inflexion involved) Crossing other lines does however confuse the issue somewhat.

I'm using the clip less handles and have tied staking loops to the tops. On reflection it is the lower clips that were catching, either the upper lines on the same handle or occasionally the other line set. I could not figure out how to snag the top connectors today and could not create a problem with the staking loops. With the handles held down at thigh level in long arm mode much of the time rather than in close proximity in front of the chest it was unlikely that the tops would be a concern.

We have always had to contend with elbows and shoulders in team flying so clip less handles will be a great help in reducing the point of failure. We will just have to get sets for 'everyone' now <grins>

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