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3rd May 2009

Posted by Felix Mottram, 03 May 2009 · 74 views

If you are standing on the beach at Weymouth looking out to sea the horizon is dominated on the left by White Nothe. (A big chalk headland) To the left of the coastguard cottages on the tip of the headland there is a dip in the profile and then there is a small building, a mere blip at this distance. It was there that I first flew the cloth and aluminium tube box kite which was part of the kit provided to aircrew in the RAF cWW2! The view of Weymouth Bay from up there is etched in my memory.

Later I flew Delta kites at the same location and piloted one through the transition from land/sea to sea/land breeze one morning and found myself flying a kite facing the breeze.

I find it fascinating to catch thermal air movements with Revolution kites and just wish that there was a way to hitch a lift on the rising air and reel out the line as with a SLK Delta.

Flying the Blast on Blackheath today it felt very close on 100ft lines. I wondered how it would feel on 200 ft? In contrast we were flying 1.5B fully vented so there was a considerable difference in effort...

I must get the Paul Morgan Mega Delta out one of these days <grins>.


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