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19th April 2009 Blackheath

Posted by Felix Mottram, 19 April 2009 · 138 views

Glorious day, wind NE c10mph I think with plenty of sun. I am almost not jealous of everyone at Berck!

Flew the new Blast with SLE and muscle memory kicked in almost instantly. Having flown the Shockwave or Supersonic when flying individually for quite a few years it was great to fly a larger sail which corresponded so closely in configuration straight out of the bag. Treacle or slo-mo (call it what you will) felt totally familiar and with generous 'forward' on the carbon wrapped handles Leading Edge face up hovers were no problem. Snap clockwork stops were simply scaled up from my memory of the smaller speed series kites. I will have to try the bridle variations but suspect that I will be insensitive to the differences for the time being. I really look forward to flying this kite with the lighter leading edge. I think that it could be my 'no wind kite' for hitching lifts on thermal currents <grins> (flying on 100ft, 200lb lines today)

I have said before, and happily repeat today, that flying the speed series kites informs the flying of Rev 1 or Rev 1.5 quite dramatically. Picking up the Mid-Vent JB Pro that also arrived this week after flying the Blast was almost surreal. I was also impressed by the range of this configuration compared to the standard sail or full vented. I had not flown one before and now fully appreciate the extent of the gap that it fills between the other two sails.

ATM and Jade flew in with full vented 1.5s and both of them have obviously learned a great deal in the last few months. There is, it seems, no point in rushing. The learning curve will look after itself....

Now, which year was it that we first went to Berck-Plage?


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