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After Miami Beach 9/12/2013

Posted by Felix Mottram, 09 December 2013 · 480 views

Thursday to Sunday we did get out on the beach in the morning.
On Thursday we set up close to the water opposite our hotel c8:30 and having switched to the shorter line sets started to fly the the full vented 4 wrap iQuad training kites in the smooth onshore breeze.  Rich Comras arrived at about 9:30 and while he was setting up his kite the lifeguard who had recently arrived told him that from 10:00 we would not be able to fly at that location but that there was an area to the north where the beach narrowed that we could use.
We walked the kites north and found that we could just fit although there were waste bins to contend with on the ground.
Jacob could not fly on Friday as he had to attend to changes at the stand in the Convention Centre. Rich was there again.
Saturday we were three up again but on Sunday Rich was not able to be there.  Once again the full vented kite were a perfect fit but we did use the 3 wrap spars for the last two days.
Should get the opportunity for another fly on Tuesday but it may be later in the day...

Sounds like Fun, thanks for sharing

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We did get to fly again on Tuesday.  The onshore breeze was still super smooth.  What a treat!  Back in foggy London today...

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