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10/11/2013 Blackheath

Posted by Felix Mottram, 10 November 2013 · 570 views

It was a sunny November day, the NW breeze was reasonably consistent and the temperature may have reached 12c which was somewhat higher than expected.  The occasional small cloud obscuring the sun introduced a clear chill but there were only a few… The sun was, of course, almost directly in our field of vision! No hiding place available so we were sometimes dazzled!
Standard vented with green race worked today except for the odd lull where the mid-vented sail might have been more appropriate. (If only we had a set <grins>)
Plenty of inventive free flying today and Rowan saw the opportunities to fly in with the group. 
Maggie brought her Cody out for an airing.  The breeze was not quite consistent enough to tie it off but mostly enough to avoid possible line burn when letting out the line; hand over hand was OK, letting it run free not necessary.

Thanks Felix, It was a lovely day.Cody%201 Cody%202

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I tried to add photos but had a problem, they are in my gallery. Maggie

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I just realised that there is a curious paradox in flying the cody that may relate to the more brake/less brake issue with the Revolution kite.  With the Cody a specific wind speed will hold the kite precisely.  Increase 'it' (the effective wind speed) by physical input and the kite flies over the top of the 'window' and can be brought down without undue effort.  Reduce 'it' (the effective wind speed) and the kite loses altitude and a similar situation arises, obviously!  It drops to the ground without delay <grins>


There is an optimum setting...



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