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21/07/2013 Blackheath

Posted by Felix Mottram, 21 July 2013 · 280 views

A cooler start today under full cloud cover.  The breeze at c5 mph from the NE occasionally dropped out completely but full 1.5 sails with 3 wrap mostly worked OK.  I was flying the Diamond spars again and having finally tied on a set of ¼ inch stepped leaders enjoyed the fine tuning and snappy responsiveness <grins>
I’m still puzzling about the best way to secure the leaders to the handles and how to incorporate a stake loop.  Sad or what?
We persuaded Rowan that he should join the line today and fly some infinities "∞".  What he didn’t expect was that we would also turn the line to face up, form the ball, burst, 180, return, go to spokes, move one space, 180, return to original position and etc.  It was interesting to see just how much a beginner can cope with in the ‘obviously’ sympathetic line and that recovery from being ‘out of position’ could be so quick.
Having previously set Rowan up with a bit more ‘forwards’ it was evident that when he joined the line today a bit more brake was needed and duly applied on the 1/3 inch stepped leaders that I had been using before today.   
The cloud cover broke at about 12:30 and having failed to screen up it seemed sensible call it a day at that point.  Must remember to carry sun screen to Dunstable next weekend whatever the forecast suggests.

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