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02/06/2013 Blackheath

Posted by Felix Mottram, 02 June 2013 · 325 views

Another sunny summery Sunday on Blackheath even if the temperature was not consistently in the t-shirt range.  Two in a row must be good!

Another 'mostly wrong sail' day today with some careful line adjustments thrown in for good measure.  It's amazing how 'wrong' line sets can be and how much better it feels flying on correctly set lines.  Light winds, dropping off completely sometimes, made for occasional hard work but we did get some neat 'no call' interactions going in the air.

I have been setting about tying top handle pigtails with much shorter adjustment gaps, aiming at about 1/4 inch intervals.  Not quite got there yet but today's effort at about 3/8 inch using 1.5 bridle line as supplied by Revolution proved quite effective.  Not that I change very often, of course!  More brake for high winds and more brake for low winds means that the setting usually remains the same.  The exception may be 'more forwards' for Mega Team and those 'Leading Edge Up' hovers.

Some of the team will be at Weston-Super-Mare next weekend but I will be working!

PS And Damon was flying kites on Blackheath as well. FJM

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