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06/05/2013 After Weymouth

Posted by Felix Mottram, 06 May 2013 · 348 views

Arrived Saturday midday and the strong westerly breeze rolling across the buildings was not really 'flyable' so as it was not a day that was formally part of the event we retired early to a late lunch. ;-)
Sunday was sunny but the wind, although lighter, was still from the west and given the available space on the beach it was far from clean.  We tried various sail configurations, JMH 1s, 1.5s and 1.5 venteds along with differing spar sets and did not find the 'right' configuration for the difficult conditions.  1.5 mid vents might have been the best option but we do not have a team set at this stage!
Monday started with sea mist which broke initially at about 10:00am with a light onshore (SE) breeze that continued fairly consistently for the rest of the day as banks of sea mist rolled in obscuring the otherwise sunny blue sky.  During the breaks Ringstead Bay and White Nothe were occasionally visible.  We only flew the JMH team 1s today and managed to refine some of the Cervia light wind moves in the four and six flier format.
Back to Blackheath next weekend...

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