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14/04/2013 Blackheath

Posted by Felix Mottram, 14 April 2013 · 288 views

The isobars were close together on the weather map this morning but the expected temperature was way up compared to the last few weeks.

The strong (c20mph gusting 30?) southerly breeze saw us checking 80 and 100ft line sets ahead of Cervia with a quick run through of Moby with Rev2s on the 80ft lines.  As some of the fliers had rarely or never flown the Rev2 before it was a bit twitchy at times but eminently do-able.  The transition to the Xtra Vents 4wrap on 120s was quite amusing, suddenly the kites were in treacle mode.  These sails are just amazing for close proximity flying when the breeze gets up and reverse flying is just so smooth.

We flew some transitions from free flying to defined figures on the count of 10 which were maybe a little 'self conscious' but basically proved the concept.

The team arrive in Berck next Wednesday evening, stragglers (me included) on Friday evening and then the Cervia team re-group on Monday 22nd April.  We are at Cervia until the end of the event, final day is 1st May, and then will be at Weymouth from about midday on Saturday 4th May for the rest of that event.


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