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24/03/2013 Blackheath

Posted by Felix Mottram, 24 March 2013 · 438 views

Late March gloom with an overnight dusting of snow did not present any real obstacle in getting to Blackheath today but the wind chill on site made it feel colder than any other flying day this winter.

Full vented with green race for me again was over stressed on a couple of occasions even with extra brake.  My kite and others with different frames were landed safely to ride out the squalls.

Conversationally it was decided that free flying as we have been 'practicing' recently does not really work if too much 'thought' is applied.  'Talking' about it or suggesting 'frameworks' tends to kill the spontaneous elements and the 'errors' multiply.  Seems like it is one of those AoxomoxoA (EXWX3XMXE) situations and as such I am not going to speak of it further or directly in the context of this 'blog'. <grins>

If you encounter groups of fliers flying mostly silently and often closely with 'total concentration' please do not break the spell.  Thanks!


If I encounter a group of fliers I'd probably not be able to say anything as I'd would be too enthralled at a group of revs in the air!!!
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It was great to line up 64 fliers at Long Beach <grins>

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