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24/02/2013 Blackheath

Posted by Felix Mottram, 24 February 2013 · 405 views

The prospects were a bit grim.  North easterly breeze, snow flurries and all that. 
As with last week the re-instated football pitch was in use and ML opted to set up to the east of the road as the NE breeze was not obstructed in any way.  We've flown on this field before (notably on one snowy AGM winter weekend) but it does feel strange being a bit lower than the rest of the heath.
Full vented with Race/3 Wrap worked OK today and in the short free form fly we did see some great rolling interactions.  I'm almost inspired to try and write out the moves and try a stop-frame animation.  In free flying the individual wraps are of course never an issue as the flier chooses the moment to get out of them, the more elegantly the better, in the course of further interaction. <grins>
Very conscious today of horizontal handles and 'long arm' flexibility in order to hit the slow rotation points and to maintain position 'height wise' at the same time.
Turned out that a missing flier had not heard the 'breakfast' call today...

Sounds Great Felix.

It must be awesome to have regular Group Flights.

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Been working at it for many years but it is what makes flying Revolution kites so good...



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