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17/02/2013 Blackheath

Posted by Felix Mottram, 17 February 2013 · 309 views

Canary Wharf was seemingly hiding in the mist as we hit the A102 towards the Blackwall Tunnel this morning in bright sunshine.
On Blackheath there was a slight breeze from the SE but a football pitch had been marked out on our usual flying site and was very much in use so we walked a bit further to the west.  Jacob arriving a few minutes later complained that we did not really have to walk so far.  However, his arrival was a good excuse to break out the team Rev 1s as he does not have his own kites.
So it was very slow and close (treacle) flying for some of the time.  Those sails really do go slow and close especially with good ground positioning to avoid the bumps (turbulence).  Seeing the JMH sails in the sky with the mirrored graphics reminded me just how much that he had identified with and contributed to our project.
<pauses for thought>
I think that Jørgen had ideas that may not have been realised yet by The Decs in a practical sense and I am very happy to be continuing to explore the possibilties within the team and the larger team formats.  Some of the flying today underlined the 'simple precision' that I believe Jørgen had identified.
It was a good breeze most of the time and the Rev 1 kites were a perfect fit...

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