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13/01/2013 After Shipley

Posted by Felix Mottram, 13 January 2013 · 809 views

We had a great afternoon on Saturday mostly flying 12 (full 1.5 Race Rods) and getting up to speed with some of the 'familiar' team moves in the larger format.  It was a bit muddy as in the attached image.
Occasionally we came up against the limitations of 'in-line' flying and we did switch to grid for a while.  I think that ease of movement on the ground in transition from one scheme to the other will help in developing the larger team format.
Saturday evening we found the local Indian and Brewery Tap... before returning to the bar next to the bargain Hotel.
Sunday was a very light wind morning with a dusting of snow on the field.  We set up Decs Rev 1s with other Rev 1s and occasionally had groups of fliers in the sky in tight formation. 
On the side we also discussed the potential of 'no-call free flying' in order, maybe, to develop fliers perception of the available space and possible moves subject to the actual prevailing conditions (rather than attempting to impose a pre-determined routine on given conditions).  I have seen some amazing potential team figures flown spontaneously in this manner.  It requires complete trust in and co-operation with fellow fliers and works best when speed control of the kites is utilised to the full with carefully tuned rotations being a particular focus. 
We are hoping to set up another similar weekend event (Super 16 or 12!) in the not too distant future.
PS Thanks very much to everyone who took part. "Round of applause"

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Mudbusters ... Nice to read you had a great weekend friends.. We flew today too..in the cold...wind chill Temp -6 Standards with Race Rods.... Some team flying and some team flying practice with friends...looks like the soon to be published teamflyingmanual works very good for all of us pilots (experienced and newbees)
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