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02/12/2012 Dunstable

Posted by Felix Mottram, 02 December 2012 · 260 views

As Fusion had decided to travel south for the day we just had to get to Dunstable in case the opportunity for a Super 16 did occur. We would have been happy to fly 9...

We, (a small sub-set of the Decs), arrived a little before 10am. While greeting a slightly puzzled Stephen Hoath in the car park a car did an aerial manoeuvre off the local road, landing on its roof on the embankment. The driver walked away but was very shaken according to those who had run to help.

We set up in the bright sunshine and found that the light breeze was smooth and steady. Vince and crew arrived soon after and we quickly had a good group doing some following and figures.

We did get to fly 16 and put some effort into the windmill/mercedes counter rotations. We also flew 12 and did the circular leaders benefit with the split circles exit. We need to figure out a clear conclusion to the move once the lead kite has done the return circle. The breeze was occasionally not quite as much as we needed!

We wrapped up soon after 3:00pm as the breeze finally faded. It was a great day with special thanks to Fusion, The Flying Squad and all the other fliers who turned up and took part.

A special mention for the birthday people <grins>


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