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04/11/2012 After Yorkshire Sculpture Park event.

Posted by Felix Mottram, 04 November 2012 · 220 views

We arrived on Saturday to find that Vince and crew had set up the arena and were ready to fly. Thanks very much to you all for having looked after the arrangements.

Conditions at the site were not entirely favourable and occasionally on Saturday we had to test the random motion project, essentially to good effect. We did, however, also develop a simple and effective follow-up to the 'windmill'. Thanks to Jacob for having 'interlaced' the fliers at the outset and then calling the move.

Saturday night found 'heated' discussions regarding the relative merits of getting large numbers (c100) of fliers together in the air verses smaller groups (c16/c36/c64) of very experienced fliers together to develop more complex routines. This will run and run but I am happy to go for both! <grins>

Sunday was a 'no wind' day apart from a short period where there was a whisper. This happened to coincide with the moment that the people from YSP who had helped in setting up the 'hosting' of our meeting arrived to say hello! Apart from that moment it was mostly down to individual flying.

There was also the opportunity to check out the sculpture park and specifically see the Miró exhibition which was a real treat.


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