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02/09/2012 Blackheath

Posted by Felix Mottram, 02 September 2012 · 187 views

After the excitement of the super-16 windmill counter rotations and the arms of the windmill rotating last Monday it was back to the more relaxed, positively lazy flying on Blackheath today.

However, under mostly complete low grey cloud coverage we did look at some configuration issues in respect of the Rev1 and the CR version. We know that reducing the billow in the 1.5 sails by tightening the bungees 'just so' (thanks to Lee Sedgwick many years ago) freshens up the response of the sail. I have always been reluctant to make changes that may alter performance to the extent that there might be incompatibility with other fliers in a mega team environment but with the Rev1s this would not generally be an issue.

Maggie, having recently tied a CR bridle took the initiative and shortened the centre attachment link on her Rev1. This appeared to reduce the billow in the sail to a similar extent as tightening the bungees. It seems that this also reduced the tendency for the kite to 'over steer' to a significant extent. We were flying 1.5B kites with race and CRs with 4 wrap centre and 3 wrap the rest as a benchmark. Maggie's modified Rev1 felt much more comfortable than Martin's unmodified Rev1 flown side to side given that both were being flown in higher wind speed than would be usual, for us, for these kites.

Potentially, a bit of a result as the bigger kites have more visual impact. Extending the comfortable wind range would be good.


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