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27/08/2012 After Portsmouth

Posted by Felix Mottram, 27 August 2012 · 370 views

Conditions on Saturday were much better than forecast so while there was rain at the beginning and the end of the day the winds did not get too high.

Vented kites with 4 wrap were good for much of the day but we switched to 3 wrap later. The kites were packed wet at the end of the day but quickly dried on Sunday morning when we stayed with the same configuration but in sunny conditions for most of the day.

Sunday's arena mega-fly was particularly successful with Jacob calling a 25 person team to a tune that the Decs often fly to.

Monday morning's super-16 grid fly with Air-4-ce, Fusion and The Decs was possibly the highlight of the weekend. The counter rotating windmill was mind boggling. Thanks to Jade for having suggested it. That was after the 4 arms of the windmill had done linear 180s and back to starting position! Thanks very much to everyone who participated.


Any Pics or (even better !!!) video of the Monday morning Super-16 Felix ?
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I have not seen anything. It was so good I can hardly believe it <grins>
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