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01/07/2012 Blackheath

Posted by Felix Mottram, 01 July 2012 · 301 views

"Race for Life" dominated Blackheath today with 10:30 and 14:30 events. The very limited parking usually available was obviously off limits so we resorted to pay and display in Greenwich Park given that parking restrictions are already in place around Victoria Park near the Olympic site, our usual fall-back site if Blackheath is not available.

It is obvious that during the Olympics we will have to find a different venue for our weekly fly. The TFL site is suggesting that a 15 minute journey, from Hackney to Blackheath currently, would be 50 minutes during the Olympic events. Maybe we should go to Dunstable instead?

Anyway, having braved the pink line we set up on the cricket field opposite Greenwich Park entrance with JB 1.5 vented (race and 4 wrap) and watched the light showers speeding through with the swifts, apparently indifferent to the kites, occasionally distracting attention while flying in the same airspace.

The runners/joggers/walkers occasionally drifted towards our flying area as their line meandered from the designated route and the wind switched direction as the showers approached and receded.


Hi Felix,
I was very disappointed not to be flying today. No commercial vehicles allowed in Greenwich Park! On a brighter note, although i don't have a delivery date, my bank account has been debited for my Carl Robertshaw kite!! YES!!
See you next week
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Good news regarding the CR kite. Now maybe we'll have to co-opt Hezz for a 2m 2f team...

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