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01/04/2012 Blackheath

Posted by Felix Mottram, 01 April 2012 · 163 views

A late start, something after 11:00am on the heath, no clock change excuse and the fuel gauge light came on as we came out of the Blackwell Tunnel. Note to self, must fill up before setting off for Berck...

And..., then there was very little wind. Zens occasionally grouped for figures but otherwise taking up a lot of space in 360s. A family group stopped 'downwind' and some of the kids followed my kite. Afterwards I explained that I did not really approve of such activity. There is a significant risk involved which may not be immediately apparent to the flier or those engaging with the kite even in light wind conditions. We do not want that accident to happen!

Mostly northerly breeze so flying into the sun reminded me that sometime I must get some prescription shades. It helps to be able to see.

Greenwich S*******s did have petrol and only a short queue so I am all set for the Easter weekend and departing for Berck on the 13th April for the first weekend of our initial 2012 four week tour to Berck, Cervia and Weymouth.


See you the 13th Felix !!!!!!
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How many do we have at Berck?
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Not sure Felix:

What i think:

Decs (6 ?)
Flying Squad (4 ?)
Fusion (3)
Lausticks (5 ?)
Ephemere (2)
Crazy Drivers (4 ?)
Air4Ce (5)

so...maybe 32 possible
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We will be 9!
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Great so 32 is possible !
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