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25/03/2012 Blackheath

Posted by Felix Mottram, 25 March 2012 · 151 views

Clock change weekend so late on the field. 11:00am not 10:00am!

First green hints in Greenwich Park beyond the fenced Olympic preparation area where temporary buildings are going up.

Checked out new Xtra Vent sails today although wind speeds were more in line with standard 1.5 sails with Race Rods. The new sails with red or purple flashes look neat alongside the production grey fades. Thanks Lolly and Bazzer for delivering these in time for Berck.

Tried some 'in linear' odd/even opposing 180 and 90 degree turns in vertical, diagonal and horizontal line-up which looked cool especially when the fliers hit the same turning interval.

Otherwise some more increasingly elaborate close form free flying and a successful attempt to plait four flier's lines which obviously resulted in kites on the ground and little further flying control. I had to direct the fliers to 'unwrap' themselves physically 'step by step' from the knot that they had woven.

It is only 3 weeks to Berck which will be the first occasion for the 'whole' team to fly together this year. As the rest of the team will have two days on site in Berck ahead of my arrival I am hoping that they will have plenty of new material to develop over the weekend and for the following Cervia week.

Flew the standard 1.5 sail with the new white Race rods today. All felt very good but I'm not sure that I could finger precise differentiation just yet. The kite did pass the the top of the window on a couple of occasions but that may have been down to rising air rather than revolutionary rods.


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