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07/08/2011 Blackheath

Posted by Felix Mottram, 07 August 2011 · 71 views

Bright and breezy start so full vented and 4 wrap.

Applying 'light wind technique' to flying the vented kites has been my objective for some time now and today was another opportunity to test the concept further. From a practical point of view my 'test' is to fly the kite as slowly as is possible without ending up with 'tired' muscles due to 'hanging on' to the handles. Plenty of brake for starters and then a 'ready to move' stance, one foot a stride forwards, arms down at side, handles horizontal. Switching the leading foot is trivial, finding the point to swing the arms, less so, but out at the edge of the wind window there is opportunity for plenty of input to maintain direction and speed. In the centre of the window initiating and completing turns can be accomplished without changing angle of attack with the L/R handles. Here I am mostly intent on wing-tip turns with a precise exit point after the turn.

An approaching cloud ended the session today as once again there was a possibility of thundery conditions. The rain started just before we reached the cars and it was those big ice cold drops that had travelled from a high altitude.


Just moments after posting there was a peal of thunder from another passing shower. Be careful everyone!

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