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31/07/2011 Blackheath

Posted by Felix Mottram, 31 July 2011 · 70 views

We learned that Knokke-Heist would not go ahead, for us, mid-week.

Today was a typical summer's day on Blackheath which is now turning a more seasonal brown rather than the recent lush green after a mostly wet June and July.

Breezes were light and variable often dropping off completely. The direction was switching c180 degrees over a short time frame as well. It was not quite a Zen breeze so full sail 1.5 with normal race rods seemed about right.

Following on from last week I was concentrating on articulating straight line flying before and after a 45 or 90 degree 'crisp' (wing tip) turn all at a constant speed. In the variable conditions this required a lot of arm and groundwork.

We discussed how to learn to avoid pulling the handles in to the chest by developing muscle memory. This basically comes down to playing those scales over and over again especially in light conditions. In more consistent breezes using a kite with more venting than strictly necessary could have the same learning effect making the flier work a little harder to achieve the desired line. As ever, the solo flier will never have to make the extra effort to match fellow team flier's trajectories...


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