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24/10/2010 Dunstable Downs

Posted by Felix Mottram, 24 October 2010 · 88 views

Watching the weather forecasts through the week saw a gradual easing of wind speed and likely rainfall. Arriving at 9:30am to find a clear sky and c2mph from the North West (I think) was a real treat even if it meant flying directly into the sun once again. (I did have sunglasses with me today)

Having commented about the Zens (and Weather forecasts) it seemed sensible to set up the full sail 1.5s at the outset. I did, however, use the new version of the Race spars. This set-up felt very crisp and later in the day switching to the full vented seemed to carry the characteristics of the spars. More practical comparisons required here, for sure.

As conditions remained light during the morning we did put up the Zens with Race and 3 wrap centre. There was not so much rising air as on Blackheath the other weekend so no 'past vertical' moments. Learning the 'turning interval' with these sails continues. I was using the long handles today which had not felt comfortable when I tried them previously.

It was a great 'gathering' day with some relaxed grid and linear flying. The parallel flying, ladders up/down, grid fly left/right/up/down seemed particularly effective. Thanks very much to all who took part and especially to Baz for having set up the meeting.


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