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12/09/2010 Blackheath

Posted by Felix Mottram, 12 September 2010 · 71 views

After 4 weekends away Blackheath was looking very green today compared to how it looked just over a month ago.

There was time today to shuffle the carefully dried (after Sunday at Bristol) team kit ahead of the final two events of the season, Knokke in Belgium (25-26/09) and Margate in England (02-03/10).

The standard JB Pro 1.5 on 3 wrap was about right in the variable breeze (circa 1 - 8 mph) today but the mid vent on 2 wrap was also viable with a light touch. As we do not have the mid vent sails as a team option it was a rare pleasure to fly this format. (It was interesting to have seen how many mid vents were used at Long Beach.) This is all in complete contrast to the Decs' historical collective determination to use the Rev 1s at every opportunity up to the point that that even the 'heaviest' of fliers were not in comfortable control. <grins>

We took the opportunity today to look at handle holding positions and also the discipline of the <forward ladder up/down with precise wing tip turns to a 'no wobble' stop'>. I think that this should probably be the next challenge to mega grid fliers...


"No wobble" ladder?

Guess I'm out... Well, maybe not. If I understand them properly I was doing these with ease in the Long Beach breeze so long as the breeze wasn't too below my comfort zone.


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