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Sunday 30th November 2008

Posted by Felix Mottram, 30 November 2008 · 120 views

Blackheath wet and muddy, no clear evidence of Canadian Goose shit today. They were down by the pond!

Wind N to NE, vented speed to begin with but fading as the front passed.

ATM had trouble with wet lines sticking with symmetrical twists but having got through that managed to grasp the concept of the 'bow and arrow' position for lateral passes and to hold the kite in a hover and move forwards (downwind).

We had adjusted lines to assess the 'feel' of the kite and to correct an incorrectly set length on one line by trial and error.

MW also had issues with settings and we increased 'brake' to give more 'pressure' on the kite.

Both fliers had been backing up hundreds of yards when the breeze was stronger. I had to rescue both of them from the lee of the roundabout. It is surprising how much a small group of low trees can interrupt the effective wind flow.

It is not teaching, just observing... They do the learning!

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