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Grid Format 'rules of engagement'

Posted by Felix Mottram, 28 November 2008 · 199 views

One role that needs to be addressed for future events will be a 'field organiser' who would get the fliers lined up and correctly spaced and then keep an eye on the fliers positions on the ground during a performance. (This should probably not be in the callers/leaders remit except for determining the overall configuration)

Another possible role is for a 'spotter' to home in on any flier who is having difficulties and to guide/advise them accordingly and may also involve relaying a '2nd strike invitation' to land their kite (and move off the field) as has been suggested elsewhere. (The caller/leader may need to initiate the request)

There may be other 'rules of engagement' that need to be discussed.

Reminder... Rule number 1. It is supposed to be fun so do not take it too seriously OK?

The caller/leader may have to be allowed complete discretion to determine the number of fliers and request others to leave the field. The fliers may need to confirm their agreement to this prior to taking part....

There are many sports where the rules are quite difficult to interpret but where the official has the final say. Given the precarious dynamics that might be involved we will have to give the caller/leader free reign IMHO.


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