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Rev Kite Team Notes, The Decorators

20/11/2011 Blackheath

Posted by Felix Mottram, 20 November 2011 - - - - - - · 35 views

Hmmm! Twenty Eleven Twenty Eleven....The fog did not lift while I was on site today. The sun almost broke through on a couple of occasions but the church and the other local buildings only appeared occasionally as flat grey shapes. The A2 was mostly out of sight. Flying in cotton wool with only 1mph gets disorientating and with no feedback down the li...

13/11/2011 Blackheath

Posted by Felix Mottram, 13 November 2011 - - - - - - · 43 views

A glorious sunny November day. It was not actually much warmer than last weekend but it certainly felt it. Light breezes so full 1.5 with race rods. Four fliers switched between 'free form' and 'called' with 'Plan A' getting a couple of runs through. The 'free form' is developing into something like the 'no cut' fig...

06/11/2011 Blackheath

Posted by Felix Mottram, 06 November 2011 - - - - - - · 35 views

A grey November day, and chilly in the NE breeze even if 12 degrees centigrade is warm compared seasonal averages... Green Race in vented sails again! Being aware that the kites were occasionally over powered in flight we noticed how much flex we were seeing in the spars when attempting ground work. It was difficult to keep the kites still. The Rev 2...

30/10/2011 Blackheath

Posted by Felix Mottram, 30 October 2011 - - - - - - · 48 views

The trees in Greenwich park have turned colour since last week. Blink and you miss the autumnal moment.Green Race with full vented today. Occasionally over powered but mostly on the comfortable side with arms down and handles horizontal pulling the turns as necessary and holding altitude. I am still amazed at how much input is possible with long arms in...

23/10/2011 Blackheath

Posted by Felix Mottram, 23 October 2011 - - - - - - · 36 views

The team kites have been washed and aired thanks to one of the younger members of the the team. There is still sand in the kite bags though! Seems like it is there by default.Breezy on Blackheath today starting with vented and Green Race Rods but eventually switched to 4 wrap. Could have flown the Mega Vented which would have spared the aching shoulde...

16/10/2011 Blackheath

Posted by Felix Mottram, 16 October 2011 - - - - - - · 42 views

Another sunny Sunday. From 10:30am it was a Zen breeze until a residual weather front approached about two hours later.We were four fliers and occasionally fell into team order. Steve (goestoeleven) joined us when we had switched from Zen to 1.5... Steve had obviously enjoyed plenty of flying time since the last time he joined us on Blackheath. We flew ad...

09/10/2011 Blackheath

Posted by Felix Mottram, 09 October 2011 - - - - - - · 39 views

The temperature is still not normal in London but not as hot as last weekend.Full vented with Race just about held up today in the lulls but were sometimes over powered. I'm going to tie some new leaders with close 'figure eight' knots as an Autumn project as I need some extra brake points.Four fliers today repeatedly 'rolled' the ball...

02/10/2011 Blackheath

Posted by Felix Mottram, 02 October 2011 - - - - - - · 32 views

Back to Blackheath today but obviously conditions were a little unusual for October with the thermometer at 29 degrees Celcius! I left the Heath at about 1:00pm to seek shelter from the sun.Stephen Versteegh has proposed Scheveningen as a Mega Team event for 2012 which is very exciting. I hope that everyone will be able to commit...Today was almost a...

25/09/2011 after Margate

Posted by Felix Mottram, 25 September 2011 - - - - - - · 34 views

Margate proved that sometimes the sun can shine on the last weekend in September. We had two glorious days...The forecast southerly breeze arrived on Saturday morning after a brief time when the 'land sea breeze' (northerly) had the upper hand. A good day followed, albeit somewhat turbulent. We were using the Rev 1 sails and our standard 3 wrap sp...

19/09/2011 after Scheveningen

Posted by Felix Mottram, 19 September 2011 - - - - - - · 46 views

It was a very good weekend despite showers on Saturday and Sunday morning. 1.5 Vented sails were all we used, swapping from Race to 4 wrap on Saturday later in the afternoon. Race rods on Sunday!On Sunday afternoon the breeze which had been slightly offshore rather than along the beach gently swung through about 90 degrees to a steady onshore which la...

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