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Rev Kite Team Notes, The Decorators

29/11/2015 Blackheath

Posted by Felix Mottram, 29 November 2015 - - - - - - · 23 views

The forecast was not very optimistic but we did make the journey ‘just in case’.
Arrived later than usual and the wind was much as predicted, mostly 25mph with gusts up to 38-40.  Xtra Vents with 4wrap were OK most of the time and as at South Shields the other year we decked the kites during the stronger sustained gusts.

22/11/2015 Blackheath

Posted by Felix Mottram, 22 November 2015 - - - - - - · 32 views

While it was only about 3 degrees centigrade in the shade the light c3mph NW breeze and the clear sky meant that it did not feel too cold on the Heath today.
Full 1.5 sails with diamond rods were mostly fine for free flying.  Holding the diagonals for team moves did occasionally prove difficult but we did persevere to some degree.  I did...

15/11/2015 Blackheath

Posted by Felix Mottram, 15 November 2015 - - - - - - · 37 views

11:00 am on the Heath with a strong SW breeze, Mostly cloudy with occasional breaks of sun or views of blue sky.  Still unseasonably warm so no gloves yet!
Xtra Vented kites mostly with race rods only occasionally felt over stressed.
No calls again with only the occasional touch disturbing the sequences.  Sometimes the kites over...

08/11/2015 Blackheath

Posted by Felix Mottram, 08 November 2015 - - - - - - · 45 views

A bit of a late start today.  Local road closures in Hackney and post fireworks cleaning on Blackheath might have interfered with our plans but on the day were not an issue.
The southerly breeze today was fairly consistent and not as strong as forecast so it was full vented with race rather than xtra vents.
Plenty of no call rolling m...

01/11/2015 Blackheath

Posted by Felix Mottram, 01 November 2015 - - - - - - · 64 views

The fog was even more dense on Blackheath than in Hackney or ‘en route’.  The grass was saturated again but ‘new boots’ were effective <grins>
There was a slight N or NNE breeze so setting up was not too difficult but the wet line magic was in place again.
Occasionally the disk of the sun was just about...

25/10/2015 Blackheath

Posted by Felix Mottram, 25 October 2015 - - - - - - · 55 views

There was no discernable air movement when we arrived on Blackheath today.  The grass was dew saturated and the boots that I thought were on their last legs almost a year ago finally leaked.
We set up with diamond rods in the assumed direction of the breeze with the usual magic wrapping of wet lines.  I actually had to add more brake to...

18/10/2015 Blackheath

Posted by Felix Mottram, 18 October 2015 - - - - - - · 62 views

I was a bit late arriving on Blackheath today.  Maybe it was in anticipation of the clocks changing next weekend.  The daily homebound cycle ride commute is already almost completely dark…
The anticyclonic spell continues so there was a light NE breeze mostly good for full sails and Race frames.   
Some good...

11/10/2015 Blackheath

Posted by Felix Mottram, 11 October 2015 - - - - - - · 71 views

Another sunny anticyclonic autumn day today as the remains of a hurricane dissipated over Portugal.  The easterly breeze was less than forecast earlier in the week and was about 7-15 mph. 
Full vented and race frames felt mostly relaxed except when attempting to stack the kites in the air when it was a bit light…
At least t...

04/10/2015 Blackheath

Posted by Felix Mottram, 04 October 2015 - - - - - - · 80 views

On arrival at 10:30am the sky was cloud free and there was a very light southerly breeze.
Conditions were just right to follow on from last weekend and to try and see if we could really feel the difference between the diamond and green race verticals.  The simple answer is that we could but that once the windspeed was making the diamond frame...

28/09/2015 After Vienna

Posted by Felix Mottram, 28 September 2015 - - - - - - · 76 views

It was very wet in Vienna on Friday afternoon and there was the prospect of further rain on Saturday morning.  A quick stroll to St. Stephens and after that, a pause for coffee and cake set the tone very well indeed, especially for Saturday when the hospitality was almost overwhelming…
It was occasionally damp on Saturday morning but si...

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