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001 - Introduction of the blog's perspective

Posted by Eagle Flyer, 26 November 2013 · 721 views

Always encourage to read along with music:
1 - this is my first blog entry.
I've been managing my newly founded Revolution dealership for almost two months now. Blog entries are placed monthly as to note the most important stuff that got studied. Since the first month was all planning and only in the second we received our first 15 kites, i'll start this log from the month we were actually able to fly. A logo for our dealership was created, as well as a facebook page. Also, a picture of me and my sister Christina when the kites arrived to our headquarters.
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2 - my first week's observations on the new sport, were that special care should be taken while choosing the ground and wind style when flying our kites.
Noted how easily lines can get tangled in random plants around and how turbulent air can make the experience difficult on a kite flying above it's wind speed limit with gusts. Also tested the kite along with an r/c athlete in my country and see how well he manages to understand and evolve on the procedure. All well there as he was very interested and excited on the kite! Dimitris is the first for my eyes to see to get the handle on a Rev.
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3 - second week was about starting a catalogue on several models, a photoshooting and first video while also check the posibility of forming a pre-order period.
The catalogue was loaded in the schedule, while the pre-order plan was dropped as the economy in the country is weird enough and we don't want to obligate people in stress by collecting advances. The style of dealeship will be catalogue orders for a start, until our eshop is set. Also we introduced ourselves to two aeromodelism forums plus a kiting forum. This attracted good attention from people in the r/c field and 2line delta kiters. A short photoshooting session as we flew posted in this album. Our images are free licensed for everyone that wants them to use. Ask for high definition.
4 - third week we sold our first kite! another video and meeting nice people!
A Rev 1.5 SLE, to the head of a local aeromodelism club here in greece. This man was very educated and we made sure to his best service. Also, towards the end of the week we had a kite day with a local 2line delta stunt kite flier. This experience was great, as we flew our kites for many hours in great wind, we both enjoyed our relative sports by switching kites. Later on, I was invited to his house for food and drink. Great day with John! Also I contacted mr Peter Walter Maternus (PAW) to explain some customising on his revolution kite and he was of great help!
5 - fourth week we approached another local 2line stunt kite dealer that owns an eshop as well as a forum on kiting.
With Konstantin's first help, we now found an official greek forum to host a new quadline kiting category and formed a new alliance to the one and only 'all things kite' forum that operates in the country. Also we made a new acquaintance with a kite surfer and meeting is planned. Also, as a fresh idea, we approached a puppeteer theatre to find some new introductions, as we had the idea of checking the possibility of puppeteers working as choreographers in quadline kiting.
6 - this pretty much rounds it up.
The plans on the next month include the completion of the catalogue, pricelist and lookout for people that can add up to the sport or it's promotion. Also expecting the phone to get a few rings on new orders! Fingers crossed!
- Outro.

I published for the first time, after a being a photographer for so long, a proper selfie. No more punk stuff from the bathroom, I promise.

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I thoroughly enjoyed reading your story. Good work.
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