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Progress part 2

Posted by Phlexipus, 22 August 2013 · 596 views

Hi All,
Well what can i say, just 9 weeks have past since my first 4 line flight.. a bit confident at what we (my son and me) achieved.  We keep it flying and hovering steady. allmost doing all the things from the rev brochure.
Still figuring out why a steady clockwork is such a pain for me and on the other hand, inverted hovers, including sliding, is just so easy to do.
As i read the forum allmost all pilots seem to have opposite problem in the learning curve.
Yes i know, it's just 9 weeks what am i thinking. right? ,, Well it's just the uncontrolable desire to master any skill in life fast!!!   (Me, issuess??? naaahPosted Image )
Today i want to improve a bit faster and get me some action, so i chopped up some older lines to a 30ft set and a 9 ft set. 
To get frutrated right away i will start with the 9ft set and take it from there...
After this. all other length must be easier to fly and i got something to meditate about Posted Image
I'll keep you posted.
Fair winds,

The 9' won't give you much (if any) of a window to work with and is mostly suited to indoor / street when you're flying full 360 degrees.


The 30's give a sufficient window to fly figures, do 3D work and interact with the kite, get close to the action and work great in low wind as well. They are my lines of choice for solo, low/no wind, interactive and or confined space work

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The 9 ft lines made me sweat i must admite. It's hard work and i still lack the technique ad experience to pilot this properly.

Still i do think i learned a lot and it made piloting on longer lines easer.

My intensions are to streetfly on low windy days and achieve to put up a little show downtown to get these kites known.


The 30ft flight was fun but when the wind dropped a bit difficult.


All together this was a great excercise, difficult but a boost at the learning curve, just as what i expected.

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