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Progress week 1

Posted by Phlexipus, 16 July 2013 · 409 views

Well as promised. an update from the revr to be.
First of all to the people who didn't read my introduction before.
It's just a month since i piloted my first quad line flight, get hooked instantly.
Last week after what it feels a very long wait, i recieved my own set of B-series 1.5 std and vtd with 80'and 120'LPG lines.
Race rod, 3 wrap, and 4 wrap LE.
Well what can i say... Kid, Candystore,, you know what i mean Posted Image
Thx to madquad who helped me with an suitable choice.
After a few hours play with them and tons of advice from experienced pilots, i start to understand the handling.
Still it's difficult to get rid of the pulling motion what i was used too with 2 liners.
My son however seems to have a natural born talent performing stable hovers within a month after his first quad line flight.
Because i am a noob, an experienced pilot who watched my son piloting, points out to me that his rev-talent (rev-genes) is exceptional. Posted Image
For what i am showing of in the sky i must say i need to buy me some genes.
So practice, practice, pratice.
A funny aspect to what i read on the forum is that tricking doesn't feel that difficult to me.
The inverted hover and side slide is absolutly no problem. axels well need some adjustments.
LE left 180 LE right hovering (ok)
But Clockwork however,, well thats a pain keeping the kite hovered at its place.. Strange ey!!
All flown with a 5 - 15 mph wind.
Well this week i just keep practicing the basics and see how much i will improve.
the upload of an vid, well first practice a bit more Posted Image
Wish me luck and thx.

Enjoy every minute of the learning curve.  It goes on and on and on <grins>



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