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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all

Posted by West Australian, 19 December 2013 · 358 views

With it being my Last Kite-able week before the End of year Break, I decided to make extra effort and get out early each day. Summer in Perth is blessed with Early dawn, about 5am this time of the year. I decided to try to get out there around 5am each day.
With A Big week ahead of me I started out strong. But Would the Wind play games with me?
Monday: Light winds but good (3.5h on field)
On the Field for 4:50am, SUL flying just after 5am.
It was a very low wind day staying around 3-5kph (5-8mph) getting to a steady 7.5kph (12mph) toward the end.
I got out my SUL on 50’ x 50# line and 15” handles.
I also laid out my Rev 1 on 120’ lines. Because of the light wind, I put the Race frame in again.
MGower got out his Zen and a Standard B.
The winds rose and fell, giving us mild patches that encouraged a drink and some restful conversation.
Other times it was enough to fill the sail and let me practice inverted hovers.
Attached Image
Attached Image
Tuesday: Ultra-Light and getting lighter….(2h on field)
I Ran late, got on field about 5:10am. A bit more effort needed tomorrow.
First wind reading 0……. The little wind meter thingie was not even moving.
I set up my SUL (2 Wrap) on 50# x 50’ lines and 15” handles.
The Breeze crept in slowly, offering me 1-4kph. (1.5-6.5mph) Not my favourite wind range.
I worked the Kite in 3kph+ winds but when it fell lower for a while I could not keep the kite airborne.
I pulled out a SLK glider and ran it up on about 25m of line, it sat pinned to the sky.
I was rewarded a couple of times with gusts up to 7kph (11mph), It was nice to feel the kite holding itself up there. The moments did not last though. After the Glider slowly came down, I knew things were bad.
I really don’t like to struggle on Quad, I am getting better in the light winds. I can Work the kite up and glide down to regain ground. I can do the Catch and throw. But I get bored with that after a while, If the kite won’t hold itself to hover, I am not sure I want to fly in that.
I got worn out early, and did not have any flying partners, so I called it early and went to work.
At least it was a fly and I had some great moments there.
Wednesday: Light, but enough to fly on. (3h on field)
On Field at 5am. It was shaping up to be a perfect Zen & SUL kind of morning.
I got in some great flights on the SUL and MGowers Zen, Mostly drifty kinda floating. Hanging around 4-8kph
It picked up enough to get out the Standard B’s on 80’ lines. 7-12kph (11-19mph)
Something in me went mad for a second, I dragged my 80’ lines through the ring of a “Dog Stake”
And set up my handles right next to my kite. I had the Right Hand operating the wing on my right.
It took me a few launches to get a grip on my new viewing angle, it was an odd new perspective.
The wind dropped a bit light for a Standard, especially dog staked. Still it was a fun experiment, and I got to introduce MGower to the Dog Stake concept. I flew on the Stake about 3 times, when the wind permitted. Otherwise I flew the Zen and SUL.
Attached Image
Thursday: Picking up a bit more, nice. (3h on field)
I got on field about 5:05am, MGower and I set up our Standard Sails on 80’ lines.
I also put out my Midvent on 120’ lines Dog Stake Style…
MGower set up His Sizzle and His Lion/Zebra Masterpiece. Two Brilliant Looking and Flying Kites.
The morning was spent moving around as the wind permitted, a Little on the B, a little on the stake, Some time on a Masterpiece. The wind casually moved between 5-15kph (8-24mph). Leaving us to get a whole lot of flying in.
Attached Image
Attached Image
Friday: Nice winds, What a finish. (3h on field)
It was almost looking like a Zen and SUL day. But then the wind turned up, 4-12kph (6.5-19mph).
MGower and I put out the Standard B’s. Got in some nice flying and a few little contact hits. It is a lot of fun sharing the sky, and I have yet to have a kite tangle that could not be undone.
I also Put out my EXP on 120’ lines, once again through the Dog Stake. Oh Yeh!
The Dog Stake experiment is going well, No sign of wear on my lines. I am getting the reflexes in to help me position and control the movement of the kite, I really think this could be a great new aspect of Rev’s.
After a while the wind started peaking at 22kph (35mph), so the 2 standards got switched out for a MidVent and a Supersonic. The winds and our Spirits stayed high for the rest of the morning.
After it all:
Wow what a week. Almost 15 hours on field, with a lot of that being Airtime.
It took a lot of extra effort to get on field for all that time, But it was worth it.
I had some Great Company and flew so many Great Revolution Kites.
I will be returning to Blogging in the New Year, I rarely get a chance to fly over the Christmas & New Year break. But If I do I will tell you all about it.
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all.
Thanks for Reading, Feel free to comment, and may the wind be at your back.

Sweet week bro, very envious. Gotta take it when you can. See you Sunday :)
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