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Special Blog Where I Fly

Posted by West Australian, 24 November 2013 · 619 views

Special Blog  Where I Fly Hi all, not soon for another Blog I hope.
I Just wanted do a Special Post about where I usually fly.
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There Should Be a Satellite Photo Shot Attached with some scribbles on it.
The Blue Area is my main Kite Field.
It is Huge, and the Wind can come in fairly smoothly most days.
Sure It can get Gusty and Lumpy, but anything I can fly in is good.
I have been flying at this park for a couple of years now and it has become very familiar to me.
There is a river along one edge and there is always a fresh smell to the air.
The Meets that SparkieRob and I have, take place here. You need Sunscreen, a Hat, and Water in summer, but at least it never snows here.
The Yellow area is my Backup.
If there Is Sport Practice going on at the Main Field I just cross the Road and Fly there.
This Field is smaller in size and has more trees and buildings close by, it is a decent backup but I would not like to fly here all the time. The winds don’t come in very clean.
 I have had some great Single line Display sessions with an old Friend here. Once you get above the tree’s etc you can nail the kite to the sky.
The Purple Glider Field.
On Zero wind days when there is Sport on the Main Field I use A smaller area behind the Club house
It is not very sheltered, but has a few Large Objects nearby, so it is no good on the windier days, But for a SUL on short lines or a Glider it is great in zero wind. I get a lot of attention when I fly here. I often get a crowd gathering under the cover of the club house to watch me fly.
The Sheltered Glider area.
This is a Large Park with a little lake and lots of trees. But it has a surprising number of little clear areas that are great for gliders. It is great fun shooting the gliders out between the trees, and getting them to glide back low, under the branches
My Work is Highlighted in red.
It is very nicely located to give me access to all my flying areas. My work hours can be fairly flexible if I ask Nicely. So I can choose to fly Before Work, During an extended Lunch break or After Work.
All in all I consider myself blessed; having all this space available to me is wonderful.
BTW, If you have not read about how I got interested in this Whole Revolution of Kiting, I did a Blog About me Here:
Flight Log Catchup:
I got to the Park Super Early and grabbed out My 30’ lines and my Mid Vent. The wind felt a little gusty, but nothing the Mid could not handle. I got in a Full Hour of Airtime in winds that were dropping a bit low, but were easy enough to work through the low patches.
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Friday Bonus…
The winds were so awesome that when I got out of work early I grabbed half an hour of kite therapy on the way home. The Winds were the most consistent that I have had in a while. They were pretty much perfect for a standard Sail.
I decided to mix things up a bit and I grabbed out the EXP I got cheap as a Loner Kite. I threw out my 120’ lines too. I had a great time working the Window, Slides, dive stops etc. I also used the longer lines to practice flying some squares etc.
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Thanks for Reading, Feel free to comment, and may the wind be at your back.

Seems like a great setup to me. My best field seems to be most like your yellow field. I'm jealous.
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Thanks bbailey49, I do consider myself lucky.

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Nice mix of venues!


Any interesting water or urban flying spots nearby? :)

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Hi John,

I have not really gone looking locally for Urban. The Water spots have too many Trees and Bushes to get access to the water.

SparkieRob has a Rowing Lake near him. I am Waiting for an Invite to fly there (heavy hint)


I will have a look around for any interesting Urban spots. Thanks for the Idea.

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You want to come fly gorilla?? We can take on my local shops or playground at 3am.... Best time. Hint taken bro. Talk soon.
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