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I'm Back...

Posted by West Australian, 20 November 2013 · 559 views

I'm Back... I am Back…
Did you miss me?
Well I have been missing Flying lately. I am Very Sorry to say this Blog took a back seat to everything else that was happening to me.
I was still flying for a while, But only when I met up with SparkieRob.
But now I am Back into Flying again, Made three trips to the park this week so far, and I am glad to say it has been worth it.
Tuesday Afternoon was my first session, where I discovered that the battery in my wind meter had died. I will sort that out later.
By Feel the winds were going moderately high on the Gusts but it was mostly in the Mid range of winds. It probably would have been a good time for the B series MID, but I wanted to mix it up on my First session Back.
So Out came the Rev 1….
I have lots of frame Options for the Rev 1, It already had the SLE with 4 wrap Verts, so I went with that. I decided to experiment with the 11” handles. I did not really have room for the long lines so I grabbed my 80’ LPG.
Because of Sport practice I had to move to a far corner of the field. I got set up. After rotating my handles over 100 times Clockwise I finally got the twists out ( I have no Idea what I did to them when I packed them up, that is a crazy number of twists)
The Wind was lumpy, It kept Gusting and Dropping, I had to keep rushing forward in the gusts and walking backwards in the lulls. But it was Great! It is so good to be flying again.
The 11” handles were a bit odd at first, but I am happy to say I did not have a single Wing Flip in the session. Previously I would end up with quite a few wing flips.
Wednesday Morning and my field was clear but I did not have much time on my hands.
The winds were quite strong with Howling Gusts. I decided to grab out my Custom Triple Vented 1.5.
For Speed Factor I used the 40’ lines, faster setup and packup. 13” handles naturally.
The Gusts would come hard and fast, so I really had to keep on my toes. Not literally, but footwork was important.
It was a Nice session, with lots of inverted practice.
Thursday Morning I got up really early, to give me a full hour on the field. I decided it was a good time to grab my set of B’s. They are not Pro but neither am I.
Out came the Midvent on the 40’ lines with 13” handles. The Mid was easy to handle except when the wind dropped right off. I decided to leave the Mid assembled but switch for the Std. I got in some great Hover and Slide practice, before I decided to switch up to the Mid again. I was really glad I was on the 40’ lines, nice short walk. I got back onto the inverted as the wind started to climb. After I while I decided to Switch the Vented on, I did not have to, but it was there…
I kept the practice going, Basic Moves, Basic Positions.
Another Great session, with all three B’s getting a play.
I am going to start up a Weekly Update to my Blog, I will try to keep them at a readable length.
I Invite everyone to comment, It is your Comments that make me feel that this Blog and the Time I spend on it is worthwhile.
Thanks for Reading and may the wind be at your back.
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Welcome home my friend, been missing you.........Ben 

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I am very interested in your kite exploits.  Yes, I have missed you & have been concerned that you had possibly got out of kites.  Funny thought I guess, but now you're back.  Look forward to your thoughts & comments.  Earlier today I looked at maps of your area trying to pick out the park you mention.

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Ben, Dayhiker, Thanks for the Comments Guys.

It makes it worthwhile.

I will put together a Special Blog Entry about My Field, Location Pictures and all.

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Sounds like some slightly challenging conditions, but it seems you have the right equipment to deal with it. Welcome back, WA. Looking forward to your posts again.
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Thanks for the comment bbailey49.

I find it best to be prepared for whatever the wind conditions throw at you.

That is something great about Revolution Kites, Sizes and styles to suit everyone and any wind.

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Sure helps having several kites to deal with the different conditions, eh?? Keep it up!!

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