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A Great Week!

Posted by West Australian, 23 June 2013 · 742 views

A Great Week! Monday  17th June:
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I got to the field and found zero wind. I pulled out a Glider and caught about 10min before a steady breeze started up.
I quickly put it away and pulled out my SUL on 50’ lines. I managed to get in about 15min on the SUL before the gusts became threatening.
Sadly my other Rev’s were at home, but it was a great session anyway.
Winds were shifting between 3-18km/h  (2-11mph).
Out came my STD B on 150’ lines. My STD has a Race Frame most times.
I focused on Sail Loading, Hovers and Inverted Flight, as these are areas I need work in.
I was very happy to be able to keep the STD off the ground even the light wind. Gently working the kite through a rising “S” and then walking forward in an inverted stall.
When the wind picked up, I got in some great moves. I added in some practice of maintaining a consistent forward speed, Doing Circles and infinities. I am still having trouble with this.
Any advice on helping me keep a constant speed would be great.
It was a brilliant session, the long lines and big wind window were Awesome.
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Moderate winds with Strong gusts and long low drops…..
Time for the MID. I keep my MID framed with 3 wrap as standard, I decided to leave it that way.
I put it up on 90# x 120’ lines. Lots of Smooth movement practice, I am getting better.
The wind dropped low a few times, But I was able to keep it moving, to keep it flying.
It is possible the STD would have been a better choice for the wind, But I was glad to have the Sail Loading Practice.
A very enjoyable session.
Very Light 0-10km/h (0-6mph) Fairly Steady too.
I got out my Pure White SUL, Frames with 2 wrap. I put it on the 50’ x 50# lines.
It was a challenge to keep it flying at times, But I was very pleased with how I did.
I did some Catch and Throw practice, I find the SUL on 50’ lines hard to catch. It keeps coming down short, so I have to rush forward  if I want any chance of getting it.
The toss is pretty easy for me now. I can get the SUL out 50’ easily.
I used to struggle with that, I am very pleased to see my improvement.
Friday 24th June:
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Low to very low winds indicated the SUL should come out.
I decide to give the STD B on Race Rods a go. 90# x 30’ lines were hooked up.
I was thrilled to be able to keep the kite moving in 1-3km/h winds.
By Walking forward and back, Zigzagging the kite and watching my sail pressure I kept the STD B moving quite efficiently .
Catch and throw was also on order, I find the STD B On 30’ lines very easy to do the Catch and throw on. I do prefer at least 4km/h (2.5mph) when doing the throw, I find it glides out easily.
When the wind is lower, I have to back up after the throw, to get the lines tight.
Wow, What a week!
After 3 weeks of not getting my Working-Week Daily flight, it was great to be out there each day again.
It was tough to find the time and make the effort, but well worth it.
The Winter Solstice has been passed, Yay!
Longer daylight = Brighter Mornings = More chances to fly YAY!!!!!!
This next week is looking very wet, so it is going to be hard to get many good flights in.
I will grab what I can…

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Cheers to the coming of summer hey!
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