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Still Flying

Posted by West Australian, 16 June 2013 · 530 views

Still Flying Well, Work, Winter and other "W" words have kept me off the flying fields of late.
But I have managed two Great Sessions in the last 2 weeks.
Got to be happy with that.....
A “Middie Kinda” Day.
About 2 weeks ago I got a Brilliant Lunch time Fly in with SparkieRob.
There were Grey/Black storm clouds threatening the whole time.
But not a drop of Rain fell on us.
We started out with the 120’ lines and the STD revs. Rob’s Grey/Red B looks quite nice next to my Black/Blue B. We flew side-by-side for a while occasionally crossing lines.
We had to move up to MID after a while as the Gusts were getting a bit much for the Standards.
We got a great session on the MID’s, a couple of times the wind got a bit low, but it was great for Sail Loading practice. We even pulled off a few simple moves, Figure 8’s, Paired hovers, etc. It was Awesome!
I was very thrilled to notice how far my automatic reactions have come along. Many a Gust or Lull threatened to force the kites together, But almost every time my reactions caught it and powered or depowered as needed. Rob is very good at dodging my kite, now I am glad to be contributing to the Crash Reductions too.
The Day brought some unexpected fun in the form of a Custom Triple Vented 1.5.
(See attached Pic)
Attached Image
Rob put a 2 Wrap frame in it, and it coasted really well in the Light winds.
Very nice surprise.
A “Mad on Kites” Day.
In another Lunch Session last week, Rob, Jim and myself created our own kite festival.
Jim Hauled a Sled kite up on 100m of line.
I sent up a sled with some Line Laundry
Rob put up his Rok with some ribbon tails as line laundry.
The Rev B Mids got heaps of airtime on the 150’ lines.
Rob also set up his 2 stack on shortish Lines.
I really enjoy stack flying, there is something impressive about stacked kites.
Beyond the look of stacks, I like the handling, The Slower smoother movements.
In general I find myself attracted to the Precision of the Rev. The Absolute control to move it wherever you want in the wind window and just stick it there. To Fly forwards, Backwards and sideways.
Rotating on your centre, Turning on a wingtip. The Absolute Control of these Revolution Kites is amazing. My skills are far from complete, But I am having a Huge amount of Fun and am often suprised by what I can do.
I am getting very comfortable with sharing the Airspace, flying shoulder to shoulder.
Flying with someone is an opportunity I am very grateful to have.
So as the unpredicatable weather rolls on I shall try hard once again to grab 20min of airtime each weekday.
Thanks for reading

I've found that I am no longer using my middle length line sets. 30's and 120's see ALL the action while the 50's and 80's sit forlorn. I keep using my longs to get in more practice for our "next time"! The shorts are used for zero to gentle winds and for "street play". Till next time brother.....
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Actually now that I think about it, the same is happening for me too.

Except that I have not cut my 50#  lines into their 30' & 12' sets yet.

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Gotta watch out for those W words ;)
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