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Wet Weather Times

Posted by West Australian, 29 May 2013 · 523 views

I need to apologise to all you Blog readers out there, Many boring things have distracted me recently.
I have been struggling to get the time to write for this Blog.
The Free time I have had recently I have dedicated to flying rather than writing about flying.
I hope you all understand.
So to catch up on recent highlights…
Well the winter weather is moving in, very low winds and unpredictable rains. Not the best of times.
But when the weather opens up, I jump at it. I keep my Rev kit with me every day.
I do not fly in Zero wind on a Rev, I know some of you do, but I do not run around anymore.
(I used to Run around in zero wind with the Dual line Kites.)
I do keep a couple of Single line gliders to fly on the Nothing days, Yes I know, they are not Revs, But I find it is better for me to fly something and have a good experience, rather than drift away from the park and forget about kites.
I have had several fantastic Meets with SparkieRob.
I Really enjoyed his 2 stack SLE & EXP.
It was really smooth in the air. Fully capable in a really wide wind range too.
The 2 non-vented sails together handle really nicely. Quite different to a Variable Vented Stack.
I had some scrap 90# line lying around, I decided to make some super short quad lines from it and see what happened. I ended up with 7 foot lines.
In a very light breeze, out came the SUL.
It was a really strange experience…. But Fun.
I need to find out what size lines people use for Indoor.
I finally got myself some 120’ lines, though I have not had much time on them yet.
A few days did yield some brilliant half hours on the MID on the long lines.
The Long lines are more time and effort to set up, but the enlarged wind range is awesome.
With the Rain setting in here in Perth, I am contemplating Indoor flying.
I have yet to find a place that I could regularly fly in.
I also need to figure out how much effort it is going to be. With my bad knees, the run around is out of the question.
I am going to convert my 50# x 50’ Quad lines into a 30’ set and a 10-14’ set.
Then when I get a break in the wind, I will see what I can do with my STD and my SUL.
Winter is a harder time to fly in Perth, most of the windy days are raining too.
It is strange to look back a couple of months when I flew my Revs every week day.
Well, I will fly when I can…

Thanks for the update brother!


Usual indoor length for Rev here in my part of the world is 10'-12'. :)

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Also, food for thought... There is a 75'x60' area I fly in under a 4-lane bridge in downtown Portland, OR, using my 30' urban set.


As long as there is wind, I'm totally protected, even from a proper downpour... Any such overpasses in your area?

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Thanks John,

I will look around for outdoor cover.


The Bridges i can think of are all Road over Road.

so they are out of the question.


I will set up some 12' lines to try out. thanks.

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All we need is an Indoor Rev. Who can hold out the longest!
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