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Perth Meet - Duelling Stacks and more..

Posted by West Australian, 14 March 2013 · 781 views

Perth Meet - Duelling Stacks and more.. It was promising to be some Pre-storm winds, I arrived first on field, darkness all around.
I finished my Breakfast while I collected up my various bags, and headed out on field.
I staked out my 150# lines with the plan of putting a stack on it. I was linking the Midvent B to the back of the Fullvent B when SparkieRob came out on field. Followed quite quickly by Jim (a long time Kite friend)
In the light of the pre-dawn Rob started to get out a 2 stack and his Vented Polo.
The field also took my Standard B on 90# lines and Rob’s SLE. 7 Revs on 5 sets of line.
Jim got out a small 2 line foil and I tied out a Single line kite. It truly was the makings of our own little kite festival.
Lots of Rev’s were flown at different times by different people, depending on the wind at the time.
I got to have a fly of Rob’s Vented Polo. Wow! What a kite that is. There was enough sail pressure to be able to feel the effects of your inputs, but it was soooo light. Something that was a Blast was to go from a 3 B Stack to the Rev Polo, Almost could not feel the Polo was there.
Rob and I spent some time sharing the same airspace, I was getting used to having another kite around. Mostly we used the 2 stacks side by side, probably not the best for starting out, but it was Fun.
At one point I pulled the Single Line Kite in. As I was packing up the Kites Long tail, Jim asked if Rev Kites could take tails. So the Yellow Tail went looped between the bottom corners of the Lime Midvent. It looked very nice. Sure the tail does slow down the kite, but it can be fun.
I was about to put my other tail, A Blue one, onto my Blue STD. Rob called out the suggestion of twin tails on the stack. So the Yellow and Blue tails went on. Naturally it was not long before the 2 Stack became a 3 Stack, still with double tails of course.
Rob turned his 2 stack into a 3 Stack and we flew around together. Some Coordinated hovers, but again, mostly getting used to another kite being so close.
I need to get some 150’ lines so we can get serious.
I think that next session we can try some “Infinity” or “Sideways Figure 8” following moves.
Should be ok on the 90’ lines.
I am having so much fun exploring all the aspects of Revolution Kites.
Light Wind, High Wind, Single, Stack, Pairs, Tails, everything…..

Only need 120's mate :-). We'll do some real pairs work next time, but it was really good to blow out the cobwebs.
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Hehe, Typo.

Yeh 90# x 120' lines needed for me.


Whenever you get the time, let me know.

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