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Not A Flight Log, something different.

Posted by West Australian, 08 March 2013 · 536 views

Not A Flight Log, something different. It is really feeling like Autumn out here now.
Darker Mornings and Evenings, a positive cool change, it even rained.
Oh Sure, Summer will throw a few more warm days at us, but the really hot days should be behind us.
This Episode of my Blog is not a simple Log of my recent flying, but a look into the Past, at the Quad flyer I could have been. Also my recent Quad experiences, and also looking to my Quad future.
I have been thinking about how I could have been a Quad Head years ago.
I have had my B Series STD and VTD full kits for years. They were the latest and greatest when I got them. With lots of hours of Dual line flying under my belt and a good level of experience with Power Quads, I felt well equipped to take to the realm of Precision Quad. How wrong I was, Fear of breaking a frame meant I was oversizing my frames for the wind and using my heavier lines all the time. This combined with a lack of understanding led to a lack of control. And my Downward spiral (sometimes literally) left me wanting. They got packed away ever so neatly and rarely saw the light of day let alone the winds of Perth, For Years….
It was a chance I missed out on, and I am certainly not going to dwell on it.
It was something I did not, or could not do. But Now is my time.
I have been really putting in the effort over the last couple of months.
Since picking up the Quad handles, I have been grabbing every chance to fly. Most of my sessions are only about 20-35min of flying time, but I will take what I can get.
At this stage I am controlling my expectations of myself. I really have not been flying Rev very long. My hovers can be wobbly at times and turbulence is really hard to deal with.
Some times when I reverse I don’t play the brakes just right.
But, I am learning and I am having Fun.
I am thinking about where I am going with all this. I have got an older Supersonic on the way. 2010 colours apparently, Really looking forward to ripping across the sky with it. It will offer me a break from the Technical Practice that is still Quad related.
I have really enjoyed the Strong winds on the Vented B, when I could cut loose after a Practice session. I think the Supersonic will bring something very fun to my sessions.
I would like to think that I will be able to do a lot more with my Rev’s in a year’s time.
As much fun as I am having now, I would like more control.
Also if Rob is game, I hope to be able to do some Pairs flying too.
It would be nice to think that I will have found more Flyers Locally too, Very grateful for one other local flyer at the moment.
Honestly I don’t know where things will go from here. But I am having fun Now.
If I am still flying in the Future, it has to be all good…..

I'm up for some pairs action!
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It took me over 10 years from buying my first two Revs before actually flying a Rev.  I totally understand what you mean about the lost chance.

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Sweet Rob, I just need to get some 120' Lines.

We will have to use 85' till then.


Hi Stephen, thanks for commenting.

I wonder how many people have false starts with Quad...



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I come from a power quad background (Flexifoil Rage, Blade IV, etc) and I also overengineered the frames to begin with.


Don't worry so much and just enjoy it. Don't try acieve the end goal, but rather just work on little things here and there ... the end goal will take care of itself by doing that.

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Thanks for the advice Bro.


I find I need to look forward at times, helps me keep going.

I am having fun with the journey though.

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The beauty of kiting, and stunt kiting dual lines or quads is that you can really have fun with basic flight even in the midst of developing real skills. I love tearing across the sky with my sonic vented and just doing loops and eights and tip drags at max speed with my duals. It's all good. Don't lose the joy of flying for want of improved skills.
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This blog I like. I am a beginner (and a grinner) have been flying dual lines for years, on and off, bought a Prism E3 not long ago, then saw the Revs and had to have one. Got it. Now I will follow your "Kiting Life WA" with interest because you are leading me in the direction I am going, it is like knowing where I will be after my 1000 hours are up. Hopefully less.

The first time I flew the Rev, yes I put the rods on the front and thought, "I'm never going to learn how to fly this bitch".

Second time, rods on the back and up it went, with a smile on my face and a loud yahoo!!!. 2 hours I practiced, no hurry, 

just keeping it up in the air and moving it about the window is what I'll be doing for a while.

After a dual line the handles are the first things to conquer.

One day!!!!!

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