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Howz My Blog….

Posted by West Australian, 05 March 2013 · 508 views

This will be my 8th Blog entry.
As I write this I have 8 Comments from others and over 700 views.
Also 1 Follower, but I think John follows everyone’s blog.
I have noticed that the views are dropping , Still quite a few of you reading this though.
I will ask anyone reading this to consider commenting or PM’ing me to tell me what they do or don’t like about my Blog. I am doing this for You, the Reader as much as myself.
I hope to hear from you, and I hope this Blog is interesting.
So now a Flight Log Catch-Up.
Thursday 28FEB Arvo.
I got the Whole Stack out again, It is actually fairly quick to set up, I am surprised.
If you have stackable Revs, I would like to encourage you to Stack them, It is a whole new flying experience.
The wind was much lighter on this flight, than my previous Stack flight.
I had to work a bit at times, but it was a good flight.
Friday 29FEB Morning.
I was sent to work in the city for Friday morning.
I was excited at the chance to Fly near the Swan river before going to work.
Some great winds can be had on the River…..
But not for me… It was so calm, I could not believe it. Bummer!
Oh well, out came the STD with a switch to the 2 Wrap frame. 50# x 50’ lines.
Sail Loading Practice and Light wind Flying.
I got in some Catch and Toss practice too. I had to be really quick on the Tug otherwise the Kite would fall too far before gliding.
Some were way off but I got a few catches. My Toss is still touching the ground as the kite catches the lines. After I was worn out by the lack of wind I packed up the lines and did some Toss practice.
I would pace out my distance each time, to see how I went. After quite a few throws, I feel more confident at making the 50’ distance.
So, No Wind, but a session well used.
Friday Arvo was much nicer, at my usual Flight Park.
Moderate winds got me to put up the Vented and Mid Vented as a Stacked Pair.
I tried to do a lot more Hovers and reverses this time.
I will admit to wanting to rip around the sky with my stack :)
So i really needed to get "technical" this time.
A great fly in a decent wind, gotta be happy with that.
The weekend was a long one, filled with excitement, but sadly not of the kiting kind.
I did take the chance to do the snag free mod to one set of handles.
It was simple enough. With thanks to SparkieRob for giving me the wall plugs and screws needed.
When I do the second set I will take some in progress photos to share on the forum.
The handles look good, but I will need to try them out now.

It's a good blog. Don't get discouraged.  Imagine a few years from now when you have all the skills tuned up, you can go back and see what it was like to start.

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I'm enjoying it very much, and I don't follow all the blogs. :)

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Me too!, don't quit writing this blog just yet, we are re-living our own adventures thru your prose and clever wit ~plm

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Thanks for the comments guys.

I appreciate the feedback and the time spent.

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I read every one! I enjoy the catch up in between the catch ups.
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Me, I am just a professional lurker, but avid reader.  I do enjoy reading your blogs.

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Thanks Guys.


As Long as I know someone is out there :)

It also helps if I know what sort of stuff the Reader likes and how often I should update.



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