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Flight Log and My First Stack!

Posted by West Australian, 01 March 2013 · 454 views

Flight Log and My First Stack! Flight Log Update 27/28FEB
I got a great fly in on Wednesday Morning.
I got out the Mid-Vent Black/Lime for the first time.
The wind was light, the wind was moderate, and the Mid Vented Went really well.
I also ran out a second kite. I think it is my first time to stake out 2 Rev’s in one session.
I had the Mid with a 3 wrap Frame on my 90# x 85’ lines.
Next to it was the STD with 2 wrap frame on 50# x 50’ lines.
When the wind got too light for the Mid I Parked it and swapped to the STD.
I was doing Catch and Toss practice on the STD. Doing the catches pretty easily now.
I think I understand the principles behind the Toss. I just need to practice some more.
About half the time the Rev touches the ground and then takes off.
It has been suggested to me by John Barresi to practice with the lines off, so I will give it a go.
Thursday – Stack Time…
10-18km/h (6-11mph) with some gusts to 32km/h (20mph).
I decided to set up the Vented and the MidVent as a stack first and have a bit of a fly.
Just as a warm-up, see if I wanted to add the Standard at the back. (taking it slowly OK?)
I Liked It!
Good responsiveness not too much pull. I tried some basic hovers, forward and reverse flight etc.
Then I added the STD to the back.
A few times I had to fill the Sails, Thanks Pocket JB, Sail loading tutorial.
Most of the time I was leaning backwards with my heels dug in, A few times it dragged me along.
So much Fun. I got the stack to Side slide, Hover in various positions and do some Awesome Dive and Stop’s.
Often when I fly there are people who walk their dogs.
Never have I captured their attention like I did with the stack.
I gotta say, my arms felt about a foot longer after this flight.

I got to say Ian, those colours REALLY pop!
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You have got to see them in person, soon....


I was uncertain about the Lime vs Red. Lime was 100% the right choice :)



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