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My Best Kite Day Ever!

Posted by West Australian, 27 February 2013 · 632 views

My Best Kite Day Ever!
I got to Tom Bateman reserve (my Fav Flying grounds) at just after 5am.
There was a good cool Easterly coming through the car park.  There were only the earliest signs of Dawn.
I took a moment to let the wind rush past me, taking in the early morning sights, sounds and smells.
Flying kites puts your back to the wind so often that it’s nice to face the wind once in a while.
Rob would be along soon, it was time to gather my thoughts and my Kites.
I got my Revs and a few other things together.
Rob’s car pulled slowly in. I had wind meter in hand for an early check, 12-20km/h (7-12mph)
Looking good…
Out on the field the Rev’s came out.
And the wind went down….. Typical!
I had the STD B with 90# lines and the 3 Wrap LE and 2 Wrap Verticals.
Rob put out his EXP and SLE. I think the SLE was running on the 3 wrap frame.
During a period of fairly low wind Rob had his EXP on his newly sleaved 30’ lines.
Rob starts having a go at the Toss And Catch.
Within a few tries he is Nailing them. (Just between you and me, I think he has been practicing in secret) ;)
Well I had to have a go too :), The STD on 50’ lines. It takes me a few goes before I manage a reasonable catch, and I am not getting to toss at all.
Rob offers to swap setups.
I take up the EXP on 30’ lines, catches are much easier, but I am still struggling on the toss.
Once again Rob starts nailing the Catch and Toss, but on the 50’ lines. Nice!
The wind rose and fell slowly, it even shifted direction a few times.
Probably some of the worst kiting wind I have flown in for a while. Totally inconsistent!
And Yet we Flew, we talked, we shared, Fun was had.
I Got Rob to try a couple of my Non-Revs.
I have a long Pre-Rev History and I have not been able to offer any Rev’s to Rob that differ from what he already has.
So it was Nice to be able to share a Power Foil and a Single Line Glider Kite with him.
I have to say I would not have picked the kind of wind we had.
But boy did we use it well. Putting down and picking different kites up as the wind changed.
I had an Awesome time.
Rev Flying is so much better when shared. After a shared session I feel fully charged
We tried a few close hovers too, Mostly LE to LE. Did not wrap lines though.
I am thinking of trying out some Paired moves as I get better though.
Another New Aspect to explore :)

Ha ha ha, you crack me up. Was a best day for me as well. Hey I like the stack, can't wait to see it in the air!
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Keep after the kite toss, really a breeze once you get it - trick is to have the kite leave your hand in a inertia-heavy, gliding angle - matter of fact, you might try just tossing your kite around (gently) without lines - you'll know when you hit a good glide, go from there. ;)

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Thanks Rob, Stacks Galore next time. Should be fun.


Thanks for the encouragement John. I get the toss right about half the time.

And Half the time the Kite touches the ground before lifting off.

I will try a few kite glides tomorrow morning.

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