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Flight Log 21-25FEB

Posted by West Australian, 24 February 2013 · 374 views

Thursday 21FEB Morning was met with Lightning Storms over my Flying field.
Not flying in Lightning…. No Way…
By the Afternoon I was treated to Mild conditions that allowed the STD to fly quite nicely on 2 Wrap and 50/50 lines. The conditions were very nice, got in a decent half hour.
Friday 22FEB Morning was very Light on. 0-2 km/h gusting to 5km/h (0-1mph 3mph Gusts)
I put in the effort and flew. STD Sail 2 Wrap Frame.
I managed quite a bit of Air time. Rests needed between.
I am very thankful I put in the effort and made up my 50# x 50’ lines.  Sometimes there is ‘Maintenance’ stuff flyers need to do, I find it hard to put the kites down and get on with it, but when you do, the rewards will come to you.
So I encourage everyone to do the Maintenance they have been putting off.
Friday Arvo was a Surprise, 20-35km/h (12-20mph) winds sometimes dropping right off, or gusting to who knows what! I pulled out the Vented and set up with the 4 Wrap frame and then I slid the 3 Wrap LE in too. A new experience for me….
One Word, Awesome!
The wind was bumpy, but the kite was acting heavy in the sky, letting me easily control it. The Vented was acting more precise than ever.
The Speed was there, for sure. I could zip and spin as fast as I liked, but when I pulled it in, held on the brakes, It would revolve slowly in the dead centre of the wind just off the ground.
Also The Vented was doing a good job of trying to Drag me around too.
It was a great opportunity for me to cut loose and have some fun, I was sliding spinning and roaring around the sky with a huge Grin on my face.
Monday 25FEB had winds that cycled up and down, However, I made do with the vented on 3 Wrap.
A friend of mine did some filming of my flying efforts. I have yet to view the video.
The wind was really hard to deal with, I had strong gust that would drop to nothing.
I would be partway through a manoeuvre when the kite would start dropping.
I did my best and it was an interesting challenge.
I do feel that the time I am putting in is paying off. Nothing is perfect yet, but I can see improvement happening.
Best of all I am having so much Fun with these Rev’s.
So Glad I got them out again.

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