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19FEB2013 - Flight Log

Posted by West Australian, 18 February 2013 · 364 views

Yesterday Arvo (Mon18FEB13) was Interesting to say the least.
When I got set up, there was Sweet Mild winds with moderate gusts.
I set up My B STD with a quick change to the 3 Wrap frame.
I gotta say the Multiple framing options on these kites is Fantastic!
I started out by practicing some Squares and Circles.
In an attempt to gain more control of my kites I have been doing a lot of hovering in different positions, and also lots of forward/backward/sideways flight. I figured it was time to start trying out some shapes.
My shapes were a bit wonky, but it is a good start.
I got about 15min Air time when suddenly The wind speed really picked up.
Over 35km/h (20mph) and stayed there for about 5-10min.
I reflexively rushed toward the kite and took it over to the side, good habit from dual line flying.
It gave me the opportunity to do some edge-of-wind-window hovering and spins.
But when the wind dropped down, it dropped off. I managed an ungraceful but safe landing and staked the handles down.
Checking my wind meter gave me under 1km/h.
A few min later and there was barely enough wind to fly, But I got in at least 5min light wind practice before having to pack up.
Last thing I did before packing up was to select 2 x 50# Dual-line sets from my stock.
I ran them out, and got them to about the same length.
All in all a Very nice Afternoon. A little bit of every wind.
Last night I sleeved the 4 exposed ends of my new 50# set, and set aside 4 sleeves for the other ends.
This morning (Tue19FEB13) the wind was Strong 25-35km/h (15-22mph)
With Gusts that were pushing me around.
I decided to try out the Vented B with 4 wrap all round and the Extra 3 Wrap LE.
Also broke out the 150# lines.
I am amazed at how stable and slow it could be in the strong winds.
The Vented B was able to Hover and reverse fly easily and gently.
There were some Solid gusts that made me dash forward, but they just added to my smile.
I have taken the “1000 hours” approach to my Revs.
It once being said to me that “It takes 1000 hours to perfect a new skill”
This is actually a good thing, Flying the Rev’s is Fun and I get better the more I fly. Awesome!
The last thing on field was to finish my 50# x 50’ lines. Posted Image
4 lines the same length, all sleeved up.
Alright Light wind, I am ready for you now…….
(Just a Thought to Rev, A Production line XtraVent B series would be great, Not the Pro, Just finish the Regular B Series Line-up)

1000 hours!!!! I have just 996 to go. Should knock that over in a couple of weeks.

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