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Posted by West Australian, 17 February 2013 · 363 views

I am a Husband, Father, Brother, Son.
I flew kites as a young kid, but my memories are vague at best.
I really got into kites about 25 years ago, Single line kites to decorate the sky.
My Interest has peaked and fallen a few times over the years.
I was a member of the West Australian Stunt Kite Association, I met lots of great people and borrowed Many fantastic kites.
We flew Dual line demonstrations at various places.
Some of my Greatest Kiting memories happened with the WASKA.
But then other things crept in and took my time away.
The WASKA is no more now. I dont even know what happened to it.
Over the years I have collected Dual line kites to cover wind range from 0-50km/h (0-30mph)
I have single line kites too, from indoor gliders to display kites to a Big Sled.
I have even made a few Single line kites too. My Pride being a 1.4m x 10m Hi-Viz Greenish Yellow Dragon.
I got into Power Kites at some point. I have a Big Dual line Foil, and My First Quad a 2m sq Foil.
Great fun but nothing like a Rev.....
Back when the B Series was new I got a Black and Blue Standard (Package) and a Black and Purple Vented (Package)
I had no real understanding of what I was getting though, and lacked confidence with them.
I made a few attempts to fly them, but never got anywhere. So they got put away......
Some years later I find them again. I look upon them as a mistake, and decide to sell them.
A friend of mine (A Single Line Kite Enthusiast) tells me "Never sell anything you have worked to save up for, you will always regret it."
So I listened to him, and I kept them.
A few months later I am posting on a different forum, about my Glider Kiting.
It is a very slow forum though with few members. I ask a friendly member "Are there any better Forums?"
I got supplied a nice list. Upon posting to one of these Forums, I Discover another West Aussie.
I Enquire if he Flies Single Line, Dual or Quad. Quad is the reply, He even told me he used to have a Duallie but gave it away.
Well now, Here is a chance to get some advice on the Rev thingies I have.
I dust off the Case and we meet up.
Well "SparkieRob" you opened my eyes.
The Tips, the techniques, the enthusiasm, Awesome.
Most importantly you gave me the Confidence to Try.
Since that day I have not missed a weekday flight.
I have been practicing everything I can.
Hovering at every angle. Sliding in all directions, etc
Since (Re-)Staring Quad on the 23JAN2013 I have been loving it.
I hope my story was not too long, I hope you got something from reading it.
I am still learning Quad, I probably will always have something to learn.
My Kites are not "Pro" but neither am I....

"Kites not "Pro"" hehe!! Dude if you ever stop learning, let me check your pulse!! Wonderful thing about these Revs, always more to learn!! You've only just begun!!

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Thanks Dude, Great encouragement.

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