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Techniques for stretching

Posted by LouiseJane, 20 May 2012 · 874 views

Exercise: that thing on our to-do list every single day that so rarely gets checked off. When we do finally find time to do it, we want to make the most of it and often neglect an important step of the workout routine: stretching. According to Reuters, "experts say . . . stretching can help you sharpen your performance, prevent injury, improve your posture and even boost your mood." You wouldn't start driving your car without putting its tires on-the same theory applies here. Locate the article here: http://naturesbalanc...030/stretching/

Two ways of stretching

Don't worry; stretching doesn't have to take up an enormous part of your workout time. Five to ten minutes before and after your workout is all you need. There are type types of stretching for you to choose from-static and dynamic. Reuters describes these thus: "A static stretch is essentially a stretch held in one position; dynamic stretching involves active movements." So a static stretch might involve touching your toes for 30 seconds and a dynamic stretch might mean jumping jacks or shoulder rotations.

Secure and effective stretching

Just be sure that whenever you stretch, you do not push your body further than it can go. Jessica Mathews of the American Council on Exercise states for stretches to be "safe and effective, they should be held only to the point of tension-never to the point of pain." Also, you need to never bounce during your static stretching. According to the Mayo Clinic, this may trigger small tears in the muscle. You should also be careful for those who have a chronic condition that may be exacerbated by stretching-talk to your doctor for questions on what kinds of stretching would work best for you.




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